NC Trout Flies

Western NC Fly Fishing Guides help you select the flies the trout want depending on the time of year.

Picking NC Trout Flies, whether you are a guide or casual fisherman means the difference between a spectacular day and a not so good day.  The reason you need to know the flies of Western North Carolina is because at certain times of the year, specific flies emerge to the surface to leave the stream, return eggs to the stream and…..well the cycle goes on.  If they happen to be feeding on a particular fly and you don’t have something very close, you will be closed out.

More specifically not the just the time of the year, or month or day….that minute. Sometimes they get very picky. Fly Fishing Flies…… please double click or copy and paste the blue highlighted Pintrest website address to your browser… which will take you to my Pintrest board that has a 90% complete selection of effective Western NC trout flies.

there are literally thousands of fly patterns from around the world that are fly tyers attempts to copy the actual aquatic food the trout eat. There are obviously many flies that copy the same insect/food, and you may be familiar with the likeness of the flies I have listed. If you have confidence in the flies, use them. These are my “confidence” flies and they have gained the confidence of the anglers I take fishing.

Different seasons, different weather fronts, different parts of the river, different depths etc will dictate a specific fly’s use, and over time you will understand their relationship. Being an active guide I have a very good idea what our trout friends are eating during any of these conditions. I am, however, open to your input regarding my selection and your personal selection as well.

Want to add a new dimension to your fly fishing experience? If you don’t already tie your own flies and have the slightest inclination, learn the easy basics of fly tying. Every experience at the vice is a skill building experience. The more you tie, the more skillful you become and the more creative you become. I have been tying flies for over thirty years for both salt and fresh water. I swear, I learn a little bit more every time I sit at the vice.

Like fly fishing for trout itself…..every trip to the water adds just a little bit more knowledge. Every trip to the river catching trout on the flies you have tied yourself is even more rewarding…..if you can imagine!

Please click the hyper link accented in green to go directly to my Pinterest board to see are large selection of flies. This will take you to two boards, 1. Western North Carolina Trout Fishing Flies and 2. Western North Carolina Fly Tying Videos and Tutorials.

My sincere thanks for the fly tying artists who have donated their time to create these wonderful videos and tutorials.

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