Stocking Schedule

Western NC Trout Stream Stocking Schedule

The state of North Carolina stocks the freshwater streams throughout the year. Please click on the URL link below (in blue) and it will take you to the site page, “Delayed Harvest Stocking Schedule”. The streams designated “Delayed Harvest” are streams that are stocked the first week of October, November, December, March, April and May. The Delayed Harvest stream regulations starting October 1 to the first Saturday in June are:

  • Catch and Release only*

  • Artificials lures/flies only.*

  • Single hook only.* Multiple single hook flies permitted.

Stocking Schedule Map – Delayed Harvest Waters

​​The dates are approximate and personnel situations, weather etc can effect a change in the scheduled stocking date.
* These rules do not apply to the poachers who have no rules to adhere to, no conscience, no regard to the environment or well being of others. I encourage anyone witnessing regulation infractions to call the state to report. It isn’t advisable to get involved or have a confrontation with the poacher, but a auto license tag reported can possibly do some good.The state is limited on the number of wildlife officers in each county due to budget considerations. These dedicated men and women, can’t be everyplace at the same time, but wish they could. North Carolina’s wildlife officers are probably the most polite group of wildlife officers in the country.

To report poaching or any other infraction like taking over 7 fish per day per person please call: (800) 662 – 7137

The stocking schedule for Hatchery Supported waters is available April1 through last day in February at the site: ncwildlife
Hatchery Supported waters can be fished April 1st through the last day in February with live bait, multiple hook lures, catch and keep. The Daily Limit per person is 7 fish with no size minimum. No minimum size? Beats me. Seems to me that if the stream borne fish were left to grow to maturity it would produce more fish and cost the state less to stock these rivers. That’s just my opinion. An opinion from someone who is for the fish not the fish keepers!

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